The Tundra of Argent
Scenes The Lord of Remus Keep
"Arctic region covered by snow, where Remus Keep watches over northern Latium."
— Description


Town Population Morale
Caralla 93 55
Fahno 93 35
Griena 37 38
Meltaus 235 87
Orozei PLC-Shop 253 73
Remus Keep 240 50
Tezzla PLC-WitchDen 183 36
Troguil 74 55


PLC-Shop Orozei
Name Type Price
Bandanna Headgear 20 Goth
Marionette Dolls 120 Goth
Fool Dolls 320 Goth
Robe Robes 30 Goth
Magician's Robe Robes 120 Goth
Amulet Accessories 40 Goth
Ring of Eloquence Accessories 250 Goth
Heal Leaf Consumables 10 Goth
Heal Seed Consumables 50 Goth
Heal Pack Consumables 120 Goth
Power Fruit Consumables 80 Goth
Angel Fruit Consumables 200 Goth
Revive Stone Consumables 500 Goth
Quit Gate Consumables 150 Goth

Hidden ItemsEdit

Stage31 TundraofArgentItems

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