Beginning of the End
PSX Map Name City of Xanadu
SNES Chapter Name The End Nears
SNES Map Name City of Xanadu
SNES Revisit Name The City of Xanadu
Size 4x4 (Large)
24 Hour Speed Normal
Stage Music Santa's Coming
Boss Hikash

City of Xanadu is a stage in Ogre Battle: The March of the Black Queen. Xanadu is known as Xandu in Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together (PSP).


The City of Xandu is located in the highlands and was ruled by General Hikash Vinzalf. A land of ice and snow, the people of the highlands were fervently loyal to the cause of the Empire and to the general himself. It was the only region on the continent of Xytegenia that did not welcome the Xenobian Rebellion. Any attempt to liberate the highland towns were met with townsfolk who scorned them as savage ogres.


SNES Name PSX Name
Rebel Base Janwalia Janwalia
Towns Magician's City Alaqua
Temple City Anna Pol
Free City Balgenia
Walled City Cellazool
Temple City Kallongola
Walled City Loudan
Self-Ruled City Pallakat
Trade City Patos Demina
Shrine City Pessana
Industrial City Pillabolla
Trade City Pillashcapia
Shrine City Pilles Dol
Self-Ruled City Quaalash
Industrial City Sanbisen
Trade City Ubelbahna
Magic City Alaqua
Holy City Anna Pol
Freedom City Balgenia
Fortress City Cellazoo
Holy City Calangoa
Fortress City Loudan
Independent City Pallakat
Trade City Patosdemi
Religion City Pesana
Industry City Pillabol
Trade City Pillashe
Religion City Pilles
Independent City Quaalash
Industry City Sanbisen
Trade City Ubelbahna
Enemy Base Xanadu Xanadu
Roshian Temples 3
Hidden Towns Cellazool (SNES) / Cellazoo (PSX)
Kallongola (SNES) / Calangoa (PSX)
Pessana (SNES) / Pesana (PSX)
Hidden Temples 1


Trade City Pillashcapia (SNES) / Pillashe (PSX)
PSX Name SNES Name Price
Cure Stone HEAL 700 Goth
Cure Anhk ALL HEAL 2000 Goth
Ethereal Flute REVIVE 2000 Goth
7 League Boots BOOTS 3000 Goth
Tome of Myths FOLIO 100000 Goth

Enemy Unit(s)Edit

Unit One Unit Two
Unit   Griffonicon Griffon Lvl 22 Wyrmicon Wyvern Lvl 23  
Museicon Muse (Leadericon) Lvl 23      
      Wyrmicon Wyvern Lvl 23
Griffonicon Griffon Lvl 22   Beastmanicon Beast Master (Leadericon) Lvl 24  
Deployed 4 3
Unit Three Unit Four
Unit   Hawkmanicon Eagle Man Lvl 21 Golddragonicon Gold Dragon Lvl 22  
Wizardicon Mage Lvl 21      
  Hawkmanicon Eagle Man (Leadericon) Lvl 23    
Wizardicon Mage Lvl 21     Golddragonicon Gold Dragon Lvl 22
  Hawkmanicon Eagle Man Lvl 21 Dragontamericon Dragoner (Leadericon) Lvl 24  
Deployed 3 4
Unit Five Unit Six
Unit     Clericicon Cleric Lvl 25  
Gianticon Ice Giant Lvl 23     Gianticon Ice Giant Lvl 23
Clericicon Monk (Leadericon) Lvl 22     Clericicon Cleric Lvl 25
  Gianticon Ice Giant Lvl 23 Angelicon Seraphim (Leadericon) Lvl 24  
Deployed 2 4
Unit Seven Unit Eight
Unit Wizardicon Mage Lvl 21      
  Knighticon Paladin Lvl 22   Golemicon Iron Golem Lvl 22
Knighticon Paladin (Leadericon) Lvl 24   Dollmageicon Doll Master (Leadericon) Lvl 24  
  Knighticon Paladin Lvl 22   Golemicon Iron Golem Lvl 22
Wizardicon Mage Lvl 21      
Deployed 2 2
Unit Nine

  Knighticon Paladin Lvl 22
Samuraiicon Samurai Master (Leadericon) Lvl 24  
  Knighticon Paladin Lvl 22
Samuraiicon Samurai Master Lvl 22  
  Knighticon Paladin Lvl 22
Deployed 3

Stage Boss Unit(s)Edit

Unit Museicon Muse Lvl 22  
  Museicon Muse Lvl 23
Highlandericon Hikash (Highlander) (Leadericon) Lvl 27                                           
  Museicon Muse Lvl 23
Museicon Muse Lvl 22  

Boss Special DialogueEdit

Spoiler alert: The hidden text contains spoilers.
If Rauny is in a unit that comes into contact with the boss:
Hikash1 ...Rauny. That I will have to face you in battle...
Rauny1 Father, put down your sword. The Empire is finished. You must have noticed the change in Empress Endora. She’s a blemish on the honour of the Highlands...
Hikash1 Shut up! We are a noble family who have always been supported by Her Highness! I must protect Her to the end! Why do you not understand this?
Rauny1 But... But father, I...
Hikash1 No, I understand. You follow the path that you believe in... You need not make the same mistake. I fight for my Queen for my own honour and pride. Now, draw your sword, Rauny! Show me the strength of a Paladin!
After Hikash has been defeated:
Rauny1 Father! Speak to me, father!
Hikash1 ...I’m sorry that your father is such a foolish man, Rauny... But remember this... I... I am very proud of you, Rauny. Proud to have a daughter like you... ...Please... Stop Her Highness... She has been mislead by Rashidi... ...Please do this, Rauny... And remember that... your father loved you very much...
Rauny1 Father!!...

Events During StageEdit

  • Liberating any non-hidden town will result in a decrease to reputation. Roshian Temples and hidden towns can be liberated normally.
  • To witness special dialogue between Hikash and Rauny, have a unit containing Rauny come into contact with the enemy commander at Xanadu.

Events After StageEdit

  • All towns and Roshian Temples can be liberated normally after the stage has been completed.

Neutral EncountersEdit

Class Griffonicon Cockatris
Level 20
Found Deepsea2 Deep Sea
Class Gianticon Ice Giant
Level 23
Found Snowmountain2 Snow Mountain
Class Golddragonicon Platinum Dragon
Level 24
Found Snowplains2 Snow Plains

Buried TreasureEdit


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