PSX Dark Priest

The Dark Priest is a special class in Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together (PSP version only), one of Catiua's unique classes.

This class becomes available only if the player succesfully recruits Catiua during Chapter 4. The Dark Priest focuses on dealing magic damage with Dark Magic and Elemental Magic, and while it can cast devastating and crippling spells, it suffers from overspecialization, high MP spending and lack of versatility.

Note that Brantyn Morne's unique class, while named Dark Bishop, has nothing in common with the Dark Priest, relying on Divine Magic instead. Also, despite what the artwork shows, this class cannot equip 1H Swords or any bladed weapons.

Appearances Edit

"An evil priest who uses the power gained through their devotions to wield elemental and dark magic. Named both for their appearance and their nature."
Signifying Catiua's corruption and manipulation by the Dark Knights, as a Dark Priest she dons completely black robes and eschews Divine Magic in favor of Dark Magic. This class is the complete opossite of the Priest, focusing on Dark Magic, damage and ailments instead. If Caitiua is recruited, the player can choose between this class or it's opposite the Princess.

Overview Edit

Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together (PSP) Edit

  • Weapon type: Cudgel*, Spellbook.
  • Armor type: Mage armor.

The Dark Priest's high INT make it a top tier magic attacker. However, this class suffers greatly from random and restictive spell options.

The main issue is similar to the Rune Fencer/Valkyrie's case: You can cast from all elements besides Dark, but little options make it mostly pointless, for example the glaring lack of Summons. Even within Dark Magic this class' options are very limited, but access to Spellcharge, Indirect spells and Apocrypha ensure high spell damage.

The Dark Priest has two unique skills: Bloody Gag and Iron Maiden. While these skills are very good at what they do (crippling the enemy with ailments), they suffer from limited range (1 square) and comparatively high cost; you're better off using Meditate*.

Speaking of Meditate, if you intend to use this class, you'll have to find a way to mitigate it's costly MP upkeep.

Overall, this class is excellent in raw power (barring maybe the Lich), but it's lack of variety is hindering, and another special class, the Shaman, can out-perform it thanks to a wider movepool, not to mention how the Dark Priest struggles against Dark-resistant enemies like undeads. Catiua's other special class, the Princess, is much more practical in this aspect.

Adittional classmarks can be found as drops from either Clerics in Hanging Gardens Floor 8 or Cleric Templar Knight in Hanging Gardens Floor 18.

*Asterisk signifies it must be taught from other class.

Statistics Edit

Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together (PSP) Edit

Dark Priest
LuCT PSP Dark Catiua Portrait Stats: Level 1 Level 50
STR 115
VIT 114
Bersalia2a DEX 112
Human AGIL 115
Classmark Heretic's Mark AVD 117
Move 4 Slow, 1 Up, 2 Down INT 135
RT 25 MIND 116
Basic Attacks RES 134
Melee MeleeATK Punch ATK 5
Ranged RangedATK Cast Stones DEF 9
Magic Class Skills
Dark Dark Magic
Elemental Magic
Bloody Gag [10]
Iron Maiden [20]
Meditate* [transfer from Enchantress]

Trivia Edit

  • While unavailable in the PlayStation version, Dark Priest Kachua can be used via debugging; this version of Kachua works perfectly and displays properly on the menu. Functionally, her Dark Priest class is identical to the Princess class she gets when she actually joins, but looks different.

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