Denam Pavel
Denam Morne
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Denam's profile picture in Chapters 1 to 3 and Chapter 4 in Let Us Cling Together (PSP)
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LuCT PSP Denam Sprite LuCT PSP Chapter 4 Denam Sprite
Gender Male
Age 18
Birthplace Heim (Raised in Golyat)
Race Human
Nationality Bakram (Raised as Walister)
Class Warrior
Faction(s) Walister Resistance
Denam's Order
Alignment Varies
Element Varies

Denam Pavel (also known as Denim Powell in the SNES/PSX version) is the primary protagonist of Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together. He hails from Golyat, a small Walister port town.

He is the son of Abuna Prancet, and after Prancet was kidnapped by the Dark Knights Loslorien and Golyat was massacred, Denam, his sister Catiua, and his friend Vyce plan a vendetta against the Dark Knights.

As the primary protagonist, he's the de-facto leader of the player's army.

Warren ReportEdit

Endgame Lawful/Neutral Route Edit

Denam Pavel/Denam Morne. Age 18. A Bakram hailing from Golyat who leads the Order of ______. He joined the Resistance after freeing Duke Ronwey from his imprisonment at Almorica Castle, and later took part in the massacre at Balmamusa*. Despite setbacks he eventually came to lead the Resistance against the Bakram and Dark Knight forces.
He was reunited with his father, Prancet, at Brigantys Castle, and from him learned the truth of Catiua's past. Olivya also revealed he was actually born in Heim of Bakram descent, with his father the brother of Regent Brantyn Morne.
He fulfilled his father's dying wish and led the Resistance to victory against the Dark Knights, defeating them in a bloody battle.
*This appears during the Neutral route as well, where Denam shouldn't have taken part in the Balmamusa massacre. Possibly a bug.

Personality Edit

Initially, Denam is a kind-hearted, naive idealist who commits himself to the war for justice, honor and loyalty to the Walister. While he has sworn vengeance towards the Dark Knights he's more willing to put it aside if it benefits the Walister, unlike Catiua and Vyce.

Upon reaching the first branching point of the game (Chapter 1's end) his personality varies depending on the choice, but not as radically as other examples (like Vyce).

  • In the Chaos route, Denam becomes disgusted with the Resistance and their extreme methods and defects. From there on he becomes defined by his personal morals and fully commited to fight corruption. Despite his newfound infamy, is in this route that Denam is at his most noble and kind, and continually tries to find peaceful methods to end conflict (which work with some enemies, but not much with most).
  • In the Neutral route, Denam gets the same characterization as the Chaos route up to the point where he puts aside his convictions and rejoins the Resistance since an unification would benefit Valeria the most. In this route Denam becomes focused on eliminating the most immediate threats against Valeria.
  • In the Lawful route we see Denam at his most complex and morally grey. He takes part in the Resistance's extremism out of misguided good intentions, but starts to doubt upon confronting Vyce and bearing witness to Duke Ronwey's terrible choices. It's after the Duke and Leonar's deaths and his cooperation with the New Walister Alliance that he becomes determined to atone for his past misdeeds by putting an end to the war.

Ultimately, it's the player choices that determine his overall personality, though his apparent stoicism, well-meaning views and willingness to negotiate non-agressively remain a constant through the story. Few times does Denam become emotional, but these tend to be moments of tremendous impact for him.

Overview Edit

Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together (PSP) Edit

Denam is the most customizable character in the game. With already rounded stats, the tarot quiz at the start grants him adittional bonuses in specific areas.

Denam excels at pretty much every class (though classing him as a Cleric is a waste of potential), and later on has access to two unique classes. As a physicial attacker he can make some of the deadliest skill combinations in the game (such as Phalanx + Double Attack) along with having some of the best stats of any unit; as a spellcaster he has a wide movepool, access to exclusive Divine Magic and above-average potential, but at the same time his stats are not on par with other specialized magic attackers (such as Catiua, the Phoraena sisters, Cressida...) plus he lacks Meditate, the most essential skill for any caster, forcing him to depend on other means to amass MP.

As the player progresses in the story, Denam will get access to some classes in which he does better than others. For more details see the respective classes' pages:

Chapter and Conditions Advice
Chapters 1 and 2 Class him as a Rune Fencer or Knight. Both of these classes make him a good front-line support and keep his damage potential. The former is preferrable since as a Knight Denam loses considerable speed.
For weapons, stick with 1H Swords, I'll pay off later.
Chapter 3 Class him as a Ninja or Rogue. As a Ninja he can Double Attack, and his good stats and the Ninja's skills (such as Steelstance) mitigate this class' fragility. As a Rogue he can do a lot of damage and gets nifty skills such as Speedstar and Sparagmos, but has no ways to mitigate his low defense besides his stats, though the class' high speed gives him more chances to escape. The former is recommended if the player intends to turn Denam into a Lord (there's no reason not to, but during a first playthough it's exclusive to recruiting Catiua).
For weapons, Daggers or 1H Katanas are fine.
Chapter 4 and CODA Go with Lord whenever possible. This class has spectacular movepool and equip options, having access to pretty much everything that isn't restriced, and great stats in all areas. This class can also use the Ninja's Double Attack, making it even deadlier, and is one of the only three classes capable of using the best Divine Magic attack spells, including Heavenly Judge. There's no real limit to this class, and can easily be customized as a spellcaster if one wishes, but setting it first will take some patience, as it lacks any skills of its own and depends on skill grinding.
If the player is on a first playthough and would rather save Catiua, class Denam as a Buccaneer. It plays like an upgraded Rogue with Double Attack, Swiftfoot II, swimming and access to Fusils.
For weapons, return to 1H Swords for better weapon options, or use 1H Katanas for the highly-damaging cursed katanas.
Spellcaster Denam If one wants to make Denam a spellcaster from the start, class him as a Wizard *after* clearing Almorica Castle to unlock spell and equip choices first. Once well-trained, switch to Warlock for Draconic Magic and Golem skills. As soon as Lord is unlocked, switch him to that, and give him equip that increases damage of your elemental choice. Divine Magic is recommended for the same reasons stated in the section above.
For weapons, dual-wield Spellbooks if you're going to focus all on magic attack.

Gallery Edit

Trivia Edit

  • According to this Q&A with the development team for the PSP remake...
    • Denam moved in to Golyat when he was 5 years old.
    • His family's fake name (Pavel) comes from his biological mother.
    • Olivya's feelings towards him are unrequited.
  • The Azure Necklace he wears was one of King Dorgalua's gifts to his unborn child (Catiua), in case it was a boy. The name inscribed in it is unknown.
  • His name in the original version refers to the fabric used to make jeans. According to Matsuno, he chose it as both a theme on Denam's and Vyce's social classes, and as representative of "freedom" in 20th century fashions.

Localization Edit

Game Name
Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together (PSX) Denim Powell/Denim Mown
Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together (PSP) Denam Pavel/Denam Morne

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