Glass Pumpkin
PSX Map Name Deneb's Garden
SNES Chapter Name Glass Pumpkin
SNES Map Name Deneb's Garden
SNES Revisit Name Deneb's Garden
Size 2x2 (Small)
24 Hour Speed Short
Stage Music Thunder
Boss Deneb

Deneb's Garden is a stage in Ogre Battle: The March of the Black Queen. The region is named after a beautiful witch who is obsessed with research.


Located in a valley in the Xenobian Kingdom, just north of the mountains that separate it from Horai, the people and plants of the garden were often used in the experiments of Governor Deneb Rhode. From the young men who fawned over her at her castle of Valparin, to the villagers' fields of vegetables, nothing was safe from being the next ingredient for her ongoing research.


SNES Name PSX Name
Rebel Base Rankagua Rankagua
Towns Walled City Anquard
Industrial City Baljib
Industrial City Peltmont
Trade City Roseanhels
Self-Ruled City Talka
Fortress City Anquard
Industry City Baljib
Industry City Peltmont
Trade City Roseanhe
Independent City Talka
Enemy Base Valparine Valparin
Roshian Temples 1
Hidden Towns Walled City Anquard
Hidden Temples None


Trade City Roseanhels (SNES) / Roseanhe (PSX)
PSX Name SNES Name Price
Cure Potion CURE 400 Goth
Cure Stone HEAL 700 Goth
Dinner Bell BELL 2000 Goth
Ethereal Flute REVIVE 2000 Goth
Ray of Sunshine SUNSHINE 4000 Goth

Enemy UnitsEdit

Unit One Unit Two
Unit   Berserkericon Berserker Lvl 6 Houndicon Hellhound Lvl 7  
Griffonicon Cockatris Lvl 6      
    Beastmanicon Beast Tamer (Leadericon) Lvl 8  
  Berserkericon Berserker Lvl 6    
Berserkericon Berserker (Leadericon) Lvl 7   Houndicon Hellhound Lvl 7  
Deployed 2 3
Unit Three Unit Four
Unit     Amazonicon Amazon Lvl 7 Amazonicon Amazon Lvl 7
Wizardicon Wizard (Leadericon) Lvl 7      
  Blackdragonicon Dragon Lvl 6    
    Knighticon Knight (Leadericon) Lvl 7 Amazonicon Amazon Lvl 7
Deployed 2 3
Unit Five Unit Six
Unit Ninjaicon Ninja Lvl 6     Clericicon Cleric Lvl 7
    Faerieicon Faerie Lvl 8  
Ninjaicon Ninja Lvl 6      
  Museicon Valkyrie (Leadericon) Lvl 7 Faerieicon Faerie Lvl 8  
Ninjaicon Ninja Lvl 6     Clericicon Cleric (Leadericon) Lvl 8
Deployed 3 2

Boss UnitEdit

Unit   Pumpkinicon Pumpkinhead Lvl 8
Pumpkinicon Pumpkinhead Lvl 8  
  Witchicon Deneb (Witch) (Leadericon) Lvl 10
Pumpkinicon Pumpkinhead Lvl 8  
  Pumpkinicon Pumpkinhead Lvl 8

Events During StageEdit

  • After the defeat of the stage boss Deneb, you will be given a choice:
    • If you choose to forgive her:
    • If you choose not to forgive her:
      • Your reputation will increase.
      • The Opinion Leader's alignment decreases by 5.

Events After StageEdit

  • If you forgave Deneb:
    • Revisit Valparine (SNES) / Valparin (PSX) to have Deneb ask you for a favor. Answering "No" has no effect, but you are able to revisit her to have her ask the favor again. Answering "Yes" will lead to Deneb explaining that she needs a Golden Bough (BOUGH), and for a down payment she hands over a Black Pearl (PEARL). When you return with the Golden Bough (BOUGH), Deneb gives you a Glass Pumpkin (PUMPKIN) in exchange.
  • If you did not forgive Deneb:
    • Revisit Baljib to receive a Rotten Pumpkin (PUMPKIN+). This is repeatable.
  • To recruit Deneb you need to do the following:
    • Forgive her after defeating her.
    • Accept the offer from Deneb and bring Golden Bough to Deneb with your reputation at 1/3 or lower. Doing so will make Deneb offer to join the rebellion and give the player a slight decrease to reputation. Answering "No" simply refuses her and has no effect on reputation. You can not exchange the Golden Bough for the Glass Pumpkin, revisit her later with the correct reputation level, and then recruit her.

Neutral EncountersEdit

Class Blackdragonicon Dragon
Level 5
Found Darkmountain2 Dark Mountain
Class Faerieicon Faerie
Level 8
Found Forest2 Forest
Class Pumpkinicon Pumpkinhead
Level 1
Found Mountain2 Mountain

Buried TreasureEdit


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