He is a non-playable character in Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together.

Warren Report ExertEdit

A Galgastani who served his clan in battle. He was the son of renowned architect Selba Brondel. Hiw twin brother Orba was slain by Denam at Tynemouth. Garba had won fame as a political philosopher, penning works such as "The Creed of the Self-Decieved" and "Failings of Present-Day Doctrine." Though initially an advocate of progressive politics, he took a more nationalistic tone after hearing the words of Hierophant Balbatos. He stated in one adress, "Nothing can assuage the resentment we harbor toward the Walister, though we may know it unjust." The way he calmly vanquished his opponents in argument earned him the name "Garba the Silver-Toungued." He was slain by Denam Pavel on the Xeod Moors while marching to engage Resistance forces at Balmamusa.

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