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Sprite(s) Gizolfy
Gender Male
Race Human
Nationality Sky Island
"We cannot allow the Ogre Battle to occur again."
— Gizolfi

Gizolfi, also known as Gizolfi the White, is a descendant of one of the Twelve Disciples in Ogre Battle: The March of the Black Queen. Gizolfi hid within the town of Aliabard in the Dalmuhd Desert from Prokion, an assassin sent to murder him. With Prokion dead, he came out of hiding.

Gizolfi held the Gem of Doun and gave it to Destin if the rebel leader brought him the Mercury, a symbol of status given by Poltorano. Gizolfi also told Destin of the Twelve Disciples and the twelve Zodiac Stones that contain the disciple's magic within them.

He did not know where the twelve stones were but knew that with the Tablet of Yaru, a treasure of the goddess Fellana, Destin might find them.

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