Gran Xenobia
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Gender Male
Race Human
Nationality Xenobia
Faction(s) Former Xenobian Kingdom

Gran Xenobia, also known as King Gran, is the father of Tristan and Jan Xenobia, and the husband of Floran in Ogre Battle: The March of the Black Queen.

Gran was one of "The Five Heroes" that united the warring kingdoms on the continent of Xytegenia. Before being crowned king of Xenobian Kingdom, Gran acquired the Grail within the Shrine of Kulyn, and left it with the knight Parcival to protect. He also found the Mystic Armband, thereby holding two of the Three Mystic Treasures.

When Queen Endora revealed to Gran the invasion plans of the Holy Lodissian Empire, he united with the other kingdoms and invaded her kingdom of Hyland. During the war, Gran was betrayed by his former friend Rashidi, and assassinated by Prince Gares, who was in disguise as Captain Ashe of the Xenobian Royal Guard.

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