This tower built in the midst of a barren desert rises level after level, each step more laden with verdant vegetation than the last.

The Hanging Gardens of King Dorgalua were built on King Dorgalua's orders after Dorgalua's Great War, as a gesture of affection for Vernotta Eltynaha Oberyth, his queen.

The Gardens serve as the bulk of the final dungeon of Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together.

Stages Edit

Level Flavor Found From Leads To
Foot of the Gardens King Dorgalua had these Hanging Gardens built as a gesture of affection towards his queen, Vernotta. - The Serpent's Spine
His Fist Upraised (4,19)
Verdant Stair (hidden) (1,5)
Twixt Heaven and Earth (via secret ascent, found on second play-through)
The Serpent's Spine The sluice gates to the Hanging Gardens. Excess water was released here to control water levels in the gardens. Parts were built to work in aeternum. Foot of the Gardens Echoes of her Passage
Echoes of her Passage A statue of a goddess molded in pure silver once rested on this floor. It was stolen during the war. The Serpent's Spine Songs of Raven Hair
Songs of Raven Hair Black-haired entertainers from faraway lands once played and sang here from morning till night. Echoes of her Passage Hold High Your Cups
Hold High Your Cups Here, during times of peace, the King would share wine with the knights who had fought for his throne. Songs of Raven Hair Halcyon Days
The Beast Has Fangs
His Fist Upraised A statue of a god molded of pure gold once rested on this floor. It was stolen during the war. Foot of the Gardens Tears of Topaz
Tears of Topaz According to rumor, the waterway here was once lined with topaz stones. His Fist Upraised Enraptured Dreams
Enraptured Dreams A playroom designed by King Dorgalua himself for his son, born when Dorgalua was already well-on in years. Tears of Topaz Halcyon Days
Halcyon Days One of the King's favorite parts of the gardens. How charming the swirling flower petals, how delicious the fruit, and how beautiful the maidens. Hold High Your Cups
Enraptured Dreams
Sounding of the Hours
The Beast Has Fangs The hippogryph that served as the King's steed in war was stabled here. Hold High Your Cups Faith and Devotion
Sounding of the Hours Following the death of the Prince, the King sat long hours here before illness took him. Halcyon Days Sharp and Cold the Stars
Faith and Devotion Thinking that the Prince's death had been his own doing, the King here offered himself to the gods hoping to do penance. The Beast has Fangs Sharp and Cold the Stars
Sharp and Cold the Stars After the Prince's death, the Queen spent much of her time here, gazing up at the stars. Sounding of the Hours
Faith and Devotion
Ivory Stair
Ivory Stair A passageway leading to the uppermost level. Here the Prince ascended to the next world, led by a heavenly host. Sharp and Cold the Stars Twixt Heaven and Earth
Twixt Heaven and Earth The uppermost level of the Hanging Gardens. A flame burned here for 100 days in an offering that the Prince's soul might find rest after his death. Ivory Stair -

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