Hektor Didarro
Gender Male
Race Human
Class Knight
Faction(s) Kingdom of Galgastan
"On the souls of my destined wife and her mother, I swear you will not live to see another dawn!"
— Hektor Didarro

Sir Hektor Didarro is a non-playable character in Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together.

Warren Report ExcerptEdit

A Galgastani who served his clan in battle. He was a knight of House Didarro, a family of note in Coritanae. They have served the Lord of Coritanae for many generations, and are fiercely loyal to the Kingdom of Galgastan. Hektor was to wed Moldova until she fell in battle at Krysaro.

Lawful RouteEdit

He was garrisoned at Brigantys Castle under High Commander Xaebos. Unhappy at how the Heirophant's despotism had transformed the land he loved, he and his father Briam plotted to allow the Resistance to put an end to Balbatos. Hektor kept reports of the Resistance's advance from reaching Coritanae, and laid down his life, allowing the Resistance to take Brigantys Castle.

Chaotic RouteEdit

He was garrisoned at Brigantys Castle under High Commander Xaebos, but later set off for the Bahanna Highlands to aid Moldova's sister, Cressida. He escorted Cressida to Brigantys Castle safely, but was then killed by Denam's Order.

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