King Rodrick was one of the rulers in Valeria and he was the king of Brigantys. He at first faught along side King Dorgalua in the great war,but later turned againts him because of a truce between him and Dorgalua that mostly favored Dorgaluas side greatly.

During the war.Edit

After ending the truce formed with Dorgalua, Rodrick decided to use the power of the Apocrypha to win the war. But even after prevailing in every battle and controlling the tide of war, he lost his people's trust and favor towards him because using the power of the Apocrypha destroyed his land and people. His people were devastated, later siding with King Dorgalua. Rodrick was defeated not long after.

Chaos Gate.Edit

After being brought to justice by King Dorgalua, Rodrick passed away during his time in captivity and his soul wandered off to the Chaos Gate that was located deep within the Palace of the Dead, eventually becoming sealed there. He then turned into a revenant because of the Darkness that overtook his soul. He was released from the abyss when Denam undid the seal using the Holy sword Brynhildr during his search for Warren. 

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