Loyalty is a game mechanic in Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together. It determines how much an unit is willing to fight for Denam's cause (staying in the player's party), and it's closely tied to said unit's Alignment.

Loyalty is something of a hidden stat. There's no visual value to determine it besides inferring based on alignment and dialogue (the latter for unique or semi-unique units). However, some flavor text in the Party Menu give a hint to an unit's total loyalty (see below under Flavor Text).

How to Increase Loyalty Edit

To keep units in your party, you have to keep their loyalty high. Certain actions increase loyalty points:

  • Gaining a rank in an unit's skill (the skill must be trained naturally) gives 10 points.
  • Picking a Fool or Lovers tarot on the battlefield randomly increases 2 to 5 points.
  • Recruit other units of the same clan.
  • Certain dialogue choices (ex: acting obediently increases a Lawful unit's loyalty, acting willfully increases a Chaotic unit's loyalty...) increase 5 to 10 points.

How to Decrease Loyalty Edit

Taking certain actions will decrease an unit's loyalty. A sufficiently displeased unit will permanently leave the party. Thus, unless you purposefully want them to leave this way, you should avoid doing the following:

  • Killing an unit with the same nationality (ex: a Walister unit killing a Walister enemy).
  • Being incapacitated. This means losing all HP and letting the "down countdown" drop to 0.
  • Certain dialogue choices (ex: acting willfully will decrease a Lawful unit's loyalty, acting obediently will decrease a Chaotic unit's loyalty...) decreases 5 to 10 points.

Special Cases Edit

Cistina, Folcurt, Bayin and Arycelle will suffer a steep drop in loyalty if you take the Neutral story route at the end of Chapter 2 (on Chaos route). The first three will lose 20 loyalty points, while Arycelle immediately drops to 10 loyalty (and will leave if the player doesn't take immediate action to increase her points).

Donnalto will suffer a steep drop in loyalty if you take the Lawful story route, and later deploy him to fight Arycelle in Chapter 2.

Flavor Text Edit

By pressing "Select" and highlighting an unit's name while in the "Party Menu", some flavor text will be displayed indicating said unit's relationship with Denam. This is the only way the player has to determine an unit's loyalty points; the better things are said in the text, the more points they have, and vice-versa.

Highlighting Denam's name will always display "To lead is to stand alone", as logically he cannot desert his own army.

Loyalty Points Text
100~81 This unit supports you in all things- a loyal ally to the end
80~61 This unit often speaks on your behalf to win others to your side
60~41 More often than not, this unit speaks in support of your decisions
40~31 Though not openly discontent, this unit is often at odds with your decisions
30~21 Of late, this unit has grown more vocal in criticizing your decisions
20~11 It is not uncommon to find this unit defying you openly in front of others
10~0 This unit has lost all faith in you and can scarce look you in the eyes while talking
Loyalty Points Text
100~81 This unit backs your every decision
80~61 This unit looks favorably on your decisions and shares an understanding with you
60~41 Though not openly discontent, this unit will not speak against those who are
40~31 This unit averts its eyes when spoken to and often refuses to reply to even simple questions
30~21 This unit regards you with eyes cold and distant
20~11 Often you've noticed this unit staring at you with thinly veiled hatred
10~0 This unit regards you with violence in its eyes
Loyalty Points Text
100~81 In the eyes of this unit, your are a worth leader who can do no wrong
80~61 This unit is prepared to put aside its own interest in service of your cause
60~41 Though not openly discontent, this unit makes no effort to keep counsel with you
40~31 This unit often speaks openly of its distaste for your decisions
30~21 This unit does not open its mouth but to complain
20~11 Not only does this unit disagree with your decisions, it seems to openly revile you
10~0 This unit regards you with violence in its eyes
Loyalty Points Text
100~81 This beast purrs like a kitten when you draw near
80~61 The beast has taken to you, a loyal companion that will fight at your side
60~41 Though still wary of your, this beast is content enough so long as it's fed
40~21 This beast cowers at your approach
20~0 The beast crouches as though it might spring on you at any moment

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