Mount Keryoleth
Scenes A Legendary Land
The Sleeping Goddess
"Western side of the Batulment Mountains that divide Palatinus into north and south. There are old ruins at the foot of Mount Keryoleth."
— Description


Town Population Morale
Balera 171 81
Dolbo 43 28
Escaraba 66 80
Gypsanville PLC-WitchDen 86 53
Keryoleth 31 50
Mingan 122 39
Mursunny PLC-Shop 117 35
Natashkan 188 48
Tananna 160 41


PLC-Shop Mursunny
Name Type Price
Hachigane Headgear 40 Goth
Plumed Headband Headgear 60 Goth
Baldr Bow Bows 160 Goth
Ytival Bows 270 Goth
Claymore Greatswords 360 Goth
Cloth Armor Light Armor 20 Goth
Hard Leather Light Armor 150 Goth
Heal Leaf Consumables 10 Goth
Heal Seed Consumables 50 Goth
Heal Pack Consumables 120 Goth
Power Fruit Consumables 80 Goth
Angel Fruit Consumables 200 Goth
Revive Stone Consumables 500 Goth
Quit Gate Consumables 150 Goth

Hidden ItemsEdit

Stage16 MountKeryoleth1 2

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