Every map in Quest Mode has a general range of rewards depending on mission target, turn limit and the map selected. Below is a table showing the range of rewards, divided by categories, and the requirements to receive rewards from a category group in a mission map.

There are also special, one-time rewards for clearing the final three maps, see sections.

Angel Fruit

Saint's Shield
Southern Cross
Sorcerer's Cup

Sacred Stone of Bliss

Dowsing Rod
Freude Helm
Sherwood Bow
Holy Crown
Cup of Life

Grincer Coat

Pure-White Dress
Ring of Flight
Warp Shoes
Warp Ring
Firedrake Sword

Earth Dragon Axe

Thunder Shield
Flame Shield
Earth Shield
Ice Shield
Sword Emblem
Crown of Intellect
Stone of Swiftness


Flame Flail
Hammer of Tears
Glass Pumpkin
Rapture Rose
Peridot Sword
Needle of Light


Peregrine Mail
Phoenix Mail
Nathalork Mail
Ice Wand
Dragon Gem Sword
Sandstorm Bow
Flame Bow

Tundra Bow

Hyacinth Fan
Earth Wand
Beast Whip
Leviathan Mail
Earth Leather
Flame Leather

Fire Wand

Thunder Chain
Ice Chain
Wind Garb
Fire Garb
Earth Garb
Wind Wand
Robe of Abyss

Wind Ring

Firedrake Ring
Earth Ring
Water Ring
Water Garb
Pointy Hat
Sacrificial Doll
Seraph's Plume

Ring of Flotation

Wisdom Fruit
Spirit Fruit
Tome of Discipline
Urn of Chaos
Mirror of the Gods
Healing Essence
Magic Essence

Numida Chronology Icon Numida Chronology Edit

Defeat Leader Defeat All
Turn Goth Prize Turn Goth Prize
1-3 1,200G F 1-9 1,200G G/G/H
4-5 1,000G F 10-12 1,000G G/G/H
6-7 700G G 13-15 700G G/H/H
8-9 500G H 16-18 500G H/H/I
10-11 400G H 19-21 400G H/I/I
12-15 300G H 22-25 300G I/I/J
16-20 200G I 26-30 200G I/J/J
21-25 100G J 31 150G I/J/J
31 50G J

Epic of Tinea Icon Epic of Tinea Edit

Defeat Leader Defeat All
Turn Goth Prize Turn Goth Prize
1-3 5,000G E 1-9 5,000G E/E/F
4-5 4,500G E 10-12 4,500G E/E/F
6-7 3,500G E 13-15 3,500G E/F/G
8-9 3,000G F 16-18 3,000G F/F/G
10-11 2,500G F 19-21 2,500G F/G/H
12-15 2,000G G 22-25 2,000G G/G/H
16-20 1,500G G 26-30 1,500G G/H/I
21-25 1,000G H 31 1,000G H/I/I
26-30 800G H
31 600G I

Cave Exploration Icon Cave Exploration Edit

Special reward: Necromancy (Bane spell; clear Defeat Leader 1-3 turns or Defeat All 1-9 turns)

Defeat Leader Defeat All
Turn Goth Prize Turn Goth Prize
1-3 10,000G C 1-9 10,000G C/C/D
4-5 9,000G C 10-12 9,000G C/C/D
6-7 7,500G C 13-15 7,500G C/D/E
8-9 6,000G D 16-18 6,000G D/D/E
10-11 5,500G D 19-21 5,500G D/E/F
12-15 5,000G E 22-25 5,000G E/E/F
16-20 4,000G E 26-30 4,000G E/F/G
21-25 3,500G F 31 3,500G F/G/G
26-30 3,000G F
31 2,500G G

Batraal Chronology Icon Batraal Chronology Edit

Special reward: Lachesis (Bow skill; clear battle once)

Defeat Leader Defeat All
Turn Goth Prize Turn Goth Prize
1-3 22,000G B 1-9 22,000G B/B/C
4-5 20,000G B 10-12 20,000G B/B/C
6-7 18,000G B 13-15 18,000G B/C/D
8-9 15,000G C 16-18 15,000G C/C/D
10-11 12,000G C 19-21 12,000G C/D/E
12-15 10,000G C 22-25 10,000G D/D/E
16-20 9,000G D 26-30 9,000G D/E/F
21-25 8,000G E 31 8,000G E/E/F
26-30 7,500G E
31 7,000G F

Tundra Geology Icon Tundra Geology Edit

Special reward: Clotho (Spear skill; clear battle once)

Defeat Leader Defeat All
Turn Goth Prize Turn Goth Prize
1-3 38,000G A 1-9 38,000G A/A/B
4-5 34,000G A 10-12 34,000G A/A/B
6-7 30,000G A 13-15 30,000G A/B/C
8-9 28,000G B 16-18 28,000G B/B/C
10-11 26,000G B 19-21 26,000G B/C/D
12-15 24,000G C 22-25 24,000G C/C/D
16-20 22,000G C 26-30 22,000G C/D/E
21-25 20,000G D 31 20,000G D/D/E
26-30 19,000G D
31 18,000G E

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