Sable Lowlands
Scenes City of the Past
"Eastern part of Nildahme, near the Sea of Rai. From the old days, it has been home to the Bolmoccans."
— Description


Town Population Morale
Baimuk 157 66
Castle Crotal 27 50
Cotolus 181 69
Kuva 193 72
Quills 236 36
Prilgi PLC-WitchDen 280 25
Shichidarui 196 16
Temil PLC-Shop 273 25


PLC-Shop Temil
Name Type Price
Baldr Helm Helms 170 Goth
Rupture Rose Whips 120 Goth
Blessed Sword Swords 400 Goth
Baldr Shield Shields 250 Goth
Robe of the Wise Robes 300 Goth
Baldr Armor Full-Body Armor 420 Goth
Heal Leaf Consumables 10 Goth
Heal Seed Consumables 50 Goth
Heal Pack Consumables 120 Goth
Power Fruit Consumables 80 Goth
Angel Fruit Consumables 200 Goth
Revive Stone Consumables 500 Goth
Quit Gate Consumables 150 Goth

Hidden ItemsEdit

Stage12 SableLowlands2

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