The Shaman is a class in Ogre Battle: The March of the Black Queen. The only known Shamans are members of the Roshfel faith, and are found throughout the continent of Xytegenia and beyond.


The Shaman is the second rank within the ecclesiastical hierarchy in the Roshfel religion. Empress Endora demoted the Monk Norn to a Shaman when she spoke out against the Sage Rashidi.


The Shaman has the appearance of a blonde woman in puffy green and white ministering clothes, wearing a green and white mitre and she holds in her hands a golden, ankh shaped staff. An upgraded Cleric, the Shaman has more heals per battle and improved stats.


Clericicon Shaman Shieldicon Resistances
Requirements Level 10, Cha. 60+, Ali. 60+ Physical 28
Size Small Fire 27
Leader Yes Cold 25
Recruit Angel, Cleric Lightning 27
Movement Type Plains Black 18
Deployment Cost 350 Goth + (100 x level) White 62
Upokay Statistic Increases Per Level
Hit Points Strength Agility Intelligence
4-8 2-4 2-4 4-6
Swordicon Attacks
Row Description # of Attacks PSX Name SNES Name Element
Front A holy cross is directed at the enemy from her staff 2 Cross Attack Ankh White
Back Divine light sparkles around a friendly unit to heal them 3 Healing Healing White

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