Tenne Plains
Scenes The Southern Reaches
"The Castrato Sea can be seen to the south of this vast plain. Mount Theodricus has one of the few Baldur deposits in the area."
— Description


Town Population Morale
Billney 212 50
Bordeux 248 71
Buchanan 116 38
Hou PLC-WitchDen 167 45
Jadd PLC-Shop 427 52
Mulsuk 289 50
Theodricus Mine 50 50
Zemio 232 76


PLC-Shop Jadd
Name Type Price
Bandanna Headgear 20 Goth
Iron Helm Helm 30 Goth
Short Sword Sword 20 Goth
Short Bow Bow 30 Goth
Round Shield Small Shield 20 Goth
Leather Armor Light Armor 60 Goth
Chain Mail Light Armor 120 Goth
Heal Leaf Consumables 10 Goth
Heal Seed Consumables 50 Goth
Heal Pack Consumables 120 Goth
Power Fruit Consumables 80 Goth
Angel Fruit Consumables 200 Goth
Revive Stone Consumables 500 Goth
Quit Gate Consumables 150 Goth

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