Scenes Advocates of the Darkness
"A snowy region surrounded by ocean and mountains. Very few people visit this forbidding land."
— Description


Town Population Morale
Castle Lloydgust 29 50
Chelefteu 243 37
Kaless Ande 136 85
Letze PLC-WitchDen 218 67
Lokry 89 55
Pazano PLC-Shop 156 52
Raguza 280 47
Tricaeze 268 36


PLC-Shop Pazano
Name Type Price
Plumed Headband Headgear 60 Goth
Torn Cloth Robes 10 Goth
Old Clothing Garments 10 Goth
Plain Clothing Garments 30 Goth
Leather Armor Light Armor 60 Goth
Feather Suit Garments 400 Goth
Heal Leaf Consumables 10 Goth
Heal Seed Consumables 50 Goth
Heal Pack Consumables 120 Goth
Power Fruit Consumables 80 Goth
Angel Fruit Consumables 200 Goth
Revive Stone Consumables 500 Goth
Quit Gate Consumables 150 Goth

Hidden ItemsEdit

Stage34 TybellItems

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