• Weiz

    Man, it's been hard ;__;

    - Ripped all Ogre Battle 64 portraits, and added them accordingly ( had some problems with the file names );

    - Ripped some OB64 character sprites ( the font needs to be grey, tho ), and added them;

    - Added some missing TO:TKOL portraits and sprites ( mostly Alphonse and Deneb's );

    - Added most portraits and sprites to TO ( still need to get some, like King Rodrick and Dolgare's );

    - Changed portrait and sprite list for characters who appear in diferent series ( Deneb, Lans, Tristan, etc ), but not sure if it was a good idea ... Deneb's page looks a little strange;

    - Added some Ogre Battle Gaiden portraits to Tristan's page, maybe it's ok to create pages for OBG characters? Might add some for Canopus, Deneb, and other cha…

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