Man, it's been hard ;__;

- Ripped all Ogre Battle 64 portraits, and added them accordingly ( had some problems with the file names );

- Ripped some OB64 character sprites ( the font needs to be grey, tho ), and added them;

- Added some missing TO:TKOL portraits and sprites ( mostly Alphonse and Deneb's );

- Added most portraits and sprites to TO ( still need to get some, like King Rodrick and Dolgare's );

- Changed portrait and sprite list for characters who appear in diferent series ( Deneb, Lans, Tristan, etc ), but not sure if it was a good idea ... Deneb's page looks a little strange;

- Added some Ogre Battle Gaiden portraits to Tristan's page, maybe it's ok to create pages for OBG characters? Might add some for Canopus, Deneb, and other characters, since they appeared in OBG as well;

- Don't forget to add Gilbert's TO portrait and sprite to his page ( even if his appearance in TO is only for 10 seconds );

- Also found out ( after searching for info into the dummied out Enchanter class in TKOL that Albeleo was actually supposed to appear in the game, but was later removed and replaced with Deneb, the thing is, the Enchanter class is still there ( under the name "Ench" ), and works 100% ( it uses the Warlock's sprite, but their growths are diferent, like they were intended to a unique character ). Searched some sprites, and suprise, found a pink-colored Warlock portrait with a diferent face ... maybe that's supposed to be Albeleo? No idea, but it's a nice bit of trivia.

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