Xevec Nulaton
Xevec Nulaton
Sprite(s) Xevec1a
Gender Male
Age 38
Birth Date 1st of Flama,
Palatinean Year 213
Race Human
Nationality Palatinus
Class Superior Knight
Faction(s) Palatinean Revolutionary Army
Central Division
Alignment Lawful Lawful
Element Air Wind

Xevec Nulaton is a non-playable character in Ogre Battle 64: Person of Lordly Caliber. A member of the Revolutionary Army and leader of the Southern Tigers, Xevec is a headstrong and rash Superior Knight, preferring to settle matters by force which often clashed with the ideals of Frederick Raskin.He wanted to free the Bolmaukan's to fight for them, similar to Rhade Eventually, Xevec gets fed up with Frederick's inaction and takes matters into his own hands, turncoating to Lodis and fighting the Blue Knights at Romulus, leading to his death. Alternatively, if Dio leaves Magnus earlier in the game, Xevec will not be mentioned and the boss of Romulus will be Dio instead.

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